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Basic rights if You Got Stuck at the Airport

Not a lot of people know that passengers have rights whenever the fly. They think that if the airline makes a mistake, they have to go with the flow and wait it out. More often than not, that is not the case and you can even get compensated by the airline for their faults. Knowing what your rights are will help you in sudden situations and help you make the most of it. Here’s some basic rights that you have if you get stuck at an airport.


Right to compensation

Flight delays are more common than you think and not a lot of people realize that the airline could actually owe them money for the delay! The amount of money that you get back from a flight delay varies from how long you waited and how far your flight is. If you want to know how much you can get, you can visit to learn all about what kind of compensation the airport can give you or, if you flight to/from France with WizzAir, search for Indemnité d’annulation de vol de Wizz Air. Some people can get as much as 600 euros from the airline because of what the airline made them deal with.

If your flight was delayed by 3 hours, you usually are entitled to get compensated with money by the airport. If you experienced tarmac delay, which is when you are on the plane and cannot leave the aircraft, for more than 3-4 hours, that is illegal. Domestic flights allow tarmac delay for 3 hours while international flights can experience tarmac delay for 4 hours. The airline is not legally allowed to keep you on the plane longer than that.

Rule of 3 hours

Regardless of what kind of delay it is, you can get compensation once it surpasses 3 hours of waiting. If you waited for more than 2 hours, you should be given free drinks and food (these sometimes come as vouchers) from the airline. If you are not given any free food and drinks after 2 hours, keep receipts that you paid for at that point so you can ask to be reimbursed for your expenses. If your flight gets delayed or canceled to the point you need to stock up on supplies like clothes or hotel accommodations, do not forget to keep those receipts too.

What about my luggage

You should know that your rights involve your baggage too. Even though the airline deals with tons of luggage on the daily, that does not mean mistakes do not happen. You can file compensation claims if you find your luggage damaged or it was lost. They should give you enough to make up for what was lost inside the luggage. Remember to keep the receipts if you had to buy anything due to lost luggage so the airline can refund you for those unexpected expenses.

Be informed

It is crucial that you learn about your rights as a flyer before you get on an airplane. This will help you not lose money and make up for wasted time, especially when what happened to you was not your fault. Do not let yourself get pushed around and know what your rights are today!